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Incorporating Alternative Artforms

Today I’m highlighting ways that we can be creative by taking a cue from alternative
art forms to inject new materials, textures and color into the retail space. While perusing
some of my favorite sites for inspiration, I came across a number of interesting projects
and art forms, which I thought I’d share. There are numerous ways that these
materials and art works could be incorporated into retail environments.

1. Get Crafty

Julian Santacruz Herrera inserted yarn in an artistic fashion within cracks in
sidewalks and potholes in the streets of Paris. The yarn becomes functional as well
as beautiful. It also offers inspiration for adding colored yarn art into the retail
environment, possibly in the floor and even up walls, directing customers
to feature spaces and adding texture, color and interest.

Or you could yarn bomb some of your own fixtures.

2. Bring the outdoors in with Moss vs. Green Walls:

Add living greenery to your space without the upkeep or installation necessary with
a  ‘green wall’. You can create your own moss graffiti. Or buy the moss in pre-made
tiles from Benettistone. Of course, moss tiles would be easy to create using your
own moss mixture per the DIY moss making instructions as well.

3. Edgy Graphic Art Forms

Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors on computer screens,
in image files, on TV screens, digital billboards, etc. This art form consists of naturally
occurring glitches presented as art works, as well as intentionally created glitches
to create artworks. The results can be incredibly interesting visually and very colorful.

I could see the resulting imagery used to create patterns for fabric, works of art, images
for campaigns created by intentionally creating a glitch in a specifically chosen or
created image. Works could be hung around the retail space, used as floor graphics,
used on fitting room dividers or even be presented on flickering monitors or screens.

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