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Boost Sales With Attractive Presentation – Visual Merchandising Tips

It’s no secret that people like pretty things. Pretty people, cars, jewels, clothing; it’s in our nature as humans. In fact, a study from Rice suggests that people are actually more trusting of strangers if the stranger is attractive. People place what is known as a “beauty premium” on things that they find attractive, and hold them in higher regard. So what does this have to do with visual merchandising? Everything.

How so?

It’s like the transitive relationship from way back in high-school math: if A=B and B=C then A=C. Consumer’s are humans, and humans like pretty things. Using that transitive property we can deduce that consumers like pretty things. (And you thought you’d never use that math class in real life).




Under Armour does a great job emphasizing products, that may otherwise go over looked, with attractive displays.

The beauty is apparent in products such as cars and jewels, and therefore do not need to be emphasized as much. However for products that are not as easily noticed, or do not lend themselves to a beautiful design, effective packaging and presentation are crucial if the product is going to succeed. Your job as a visual merchandiser is to make those products that are not-so-pretty, and spiff them up through great presentations.


Why is this important to you?

As a visual merchandiser, the packaging design is pretty much out of your control, but not entirely. What is a store fixture, or in-store display really doing when you think about it? Store fixtures and displays are an extension of the product’s packaging.

Store fixtures are an extension of the stores atmosphere as well. Because of this common denominator between store design and packaging, store fixtures and display are extremely important to you, the visual merchandiser.


The impact

82% of mass merchant purchases are made in-store and 16% are influenced by product seen on a display. These numbers are powerful tools to any visual merchandiser, and emphasize the importance of great store design and store fixtures.

As a visual merchandiser, it is important that you seek out the best displays and design elements as possible. A lower quality product on a high-quality, attractive display will sell much better than a high-quality product on an unattractive, low quality display. As we mentioned before, the products in discussion do not have the power to capture the consumer on their own, it is your job to make the product “pretty.” An effective presentation will do that work for you. Attractive fixtures and strong presentation gives those small, less-exciting products, the impact and power that cars and jewels have on their own. Consumers translate quality packaging to a quality product. This perceived quality will in turn, lead to sales brand lift.


As the primary store-fixture manufacture for several significant brands, well-designed, high-quality store fixtures are what we live for. We understand the impact a great store fixture can have on a stores success. We also hate poor design.


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