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Brick & Mortars will always survive and grow with the trends!

I came across an article that while it wasn’t the most innovative, it reminds me that there are persons that still feel the store as we know it will be gone someday.   NOT LIKELY!

Brands worldwide, big and small will always have a need for retail locations.   They will never go away, just continue to grow, show creativity and allure their target customers to buy, buy and buy some more.

Of course technology is the latest given partner but even this depends on the target customer.  Not everyone needs nor requires technology to excite them and captivate them during their shopping experience.

I still truly believe that what will always separate the weak from the strong is the NEED (has nothing to do with price, just product) and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Display fixtures and Visual Properties then follow suit and support the in-store visual brand image and level of excitement.

We have all been in situations where the power went out, technology couldn’t perform and what was still alive and kicking was that good old basic human factor that supported the moment and kept retail kicking!


To this point everywhere, smaller new and fresh targeted brands will appear and survive.  They wont need major ads to get the word out as the viral buzz for them will be created by their customers and friends.  Experience great retail and that which makes you smile and happy, and you will not only talk and spread the word, but keep coming back!

Bigger brands will also grow and survive, but they must take to the right path and possible new continent to grow accordingly.  And others can stay right here at home and simply keep doing what they have done best for many decades and show increasing profits.

Brands just have to stay focused, cut through all the red tape and ego clutter to stay true to their brand and customer.  Keep looking forward, experiment when you must, support the proven at other times…. just don’t step back and watch.  Be a part of a movement forward and have some fun along the way.

The article that started me thinking today can be viewed here on Brand Channel.



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