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Color Does Effect Life!

I just came across this interesting article on how painting a manufacturing facility floor a bright color improved performance and attitude!

Any retailer designer can also tell you that the colors applied in retail environments, on display fixtures, or even within websites, definitely effects the customers attitude and shopping experience.

Many times, businesses or retailers are just afraid of color and want to stay safe.  I always lean on the side of taking risks and use color to increase the brand image and personality. But I also do keep in mind that for some brands and applications, less can be more.

Color can be very personal at times, but in retail, the best color to use is that which your target customer likes and that which best supports your brand logo and marketing directions.

Lastly, I also came across a survey that mentioned the following color statistics when it comes to sleeping behaviors, and what color the walls or accessories should be.

Best sleep:

> Green, blue and yellow

Worst sleep:

> Gray, brown and purple

For me, I always look forward to new color trends and forecasting from the likes of Pantone and even Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

COLOR- Cannot live without it for sure!

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