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Creatives Don’t Think Alike!

There is a new blog started in the LinkedIn Group, CREATIVE DESIGN PROFESSIONALS WORLDWIDE.

“Creative People- How are they alike?”

Click here to see the group activity and comments.

It is so important to realize that in the retail industry, so much of the creative contribution to brand success stories starts with creative thought processes.  It can start with a single creative thought or idea.  Yet, there is some success supported by simply being in the right place at the right time, as timing is everything! ( Or even supply and demand, basic economics I suppose, but that wasn’t one of my strongest courses in college!!!! )

Creative Design plays a big part, Especially when it comes to retail environments and display vehicles, like fixtures, hardware, visual properties, graphics, etc….. that are the biggest part of our life at Triad Mfg.  Just like other fixture and visual merchandising resources of course.

But this blog encompasses all Creatives which would also include merchandise and fashion design also.  There are some very interesting comments compiling from all over the place and I find it exciting.

Hope that you also enjoy the read!  And keep in mind as GlobalShop approaches that we should see new and creative ideas in Chicago!

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