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Customer Service in the Summer Months

With summer upon us all, especially the outdoor entertainment or theme park community, gearing up for increased traffic and business with new temporary summer employees is a must for all of them.

Kids are out of school, families and adults take scheduled vacations, planned or last minute, and they go everywhere for FUN and relaxing enjoyment time!  There are obviously target destinations like Disneyland or Universal Studios, Camp Snoopy, etc.. that anticipate very large numbers of guests or visitors.

But even the coastal areas with beaches and major retail opportunities anticipate increased attendance, business and often times much needed sales or profits!  For these areas and businesses, their Christmas is in the summer.

Thus the dilemma oft times is by adding temporary employees, their training isn’t always top-notch but deemed acceptable.  And they fill much needed positions behind cash wrap and service counters or as merchandise replenishment and stocking assistants.  Their lack of training and experience may be obvious to some customers.   Especially those with higher expectations.

Is it too much for retailers and employers to ask for a bit of added patience from their customers during these peak times?   Can customers be asked to understand that temporary employees needed to support the increased crowds may be lacking in some ways?

It’s in everyone’s best interest to be a bit more understanding and patient during the summer months in order to have the best possible vacation or travel experience.  Remember that it is temporary and before long it will be Fall and Back-to-School time and life will slow down again, for some, until after Thanksgiving and the Christmas shopping gets started, and retailers see added temporary help again!  Here we go again for some retailers, and even theme parks!

In closing, I guess temporary employees and patience actually go hand in hand all year long, with just a few gaps or breathers for those that look forward to their target customers, and peak sales times, no matter what time of year it is!

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