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Dart St. Louis

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the STL Design Week Dart St. Louis event
at FK Studio. It was a great experience  and very well coordinated. There was quite a
turnout and lengthy lines for throwing a dart at the St. Louis map, one on each side
of the studio, but things still moved very smoothly.

The maps were projected up on a white board and darts were throw at the
projection. Then an event worker would ‘pin’ the spot on the computer projecting
the image and write down the intersection you hit. The idea is that you then visit
the intersection you are given, take photographs within a one block radius
of your intersection, then submit your best photograph for inclusion in the
big slide show and interactive website.

My $5 per dart throw amount will benefit Rebuilding Together, along with the
$5 per dart throw from nearly everyone else at the event last night. An excellent
fundraiser and great idea for getting people to visit different places in our city,
likely helping us to appreciate it even more. The photos in turn offer a window
into what our fellow St. Louisans find interesting about our fair city.

It was great to see such a large turnout for the event, even though we were experience
some hefty storms last night. And a nice surprise was the free beer from
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. Of course there was a jar was sitting on the counter
for donations to benefit Rebuilding Together. (and yes, I donated)

More STL Design Week events are happening through Sunday of this week!

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