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Design is in the Details

That’s what I believe, in any case. This can mean details that are very technical components of a fixture, product or technique OR it can reference those detailed elements that can make a huge difference in any retail or residential interior. In perusing my regular inspirational blogs and sites as well as some new ones today, I have found a number of elements that I could easily see incorporate into the larger theme of a retail space.

Roof Top Lights

The gents at Lightboys have come up with some spectacular ‘light boxes’ with a very minimal box element. According to their website, ‘The wonderfully uniform illumination and the low-height, high-quality housing design are appreciated wherever requirements in terms of design, quality, longevity, light intensity and efficiency are highest. Using the world’s leading LED light panel technology, the LIGHTBOY LIGHTWALL® is able to meet the highest artistic, aesthetic and technical demands. The high quality photographic images used become the highlight and illuminate from the wall or ceiling. It is actually their ceiling mounted offering that attracted me and got me to explore their website. ‘Be it a romantic starlit sky above a bed, treetops over a dining table or an old church dome in a lift: ROOF TOP LIGHTS® give spaces a fourth dimension.’ It started me thinking what an illuminated architectural ceiling could add to a retail space. It would be an unexpected element, taking advantage of a surface sometimes underutilized and reinforcing the feel of the environment by use of an image that fits in with the theme of the retail brand/space.


Test Tube Chandelier

Polish designer Pani Jurek is designs objects that are functional but also promote interactivity between object and owner, allowing for customization. The Test Tube Chandelier is a functional light surrounded by two rings of test tubes hanging from wood rings. The result is beautiful without adding a thing. In a retail space, this could easily be used as a centerpiece chandelier and any number of customizations could be made to fit the theme of the environment. Adding plants, flowers or water colored by food coloring are options of course, but I’m sure there are any number of possibilities for customizing this fixture.


Light Forest

There is a lot of versatility built into the Light Forest concept. ‘Wall and ceiling lighting system Light Forest is the brain child of young Dutch design duo Ontwerpduo. The design consists of different parts, which can be connected to ceilings or walls, step by step the lighting system will “grow” across the space with endless possibilities.’ That about says it all.


BLOW: Wall rack

The thin ‘paper’ shelves seem to grow out of the wall. They mesh with their surroundings while providing perfect merchandising feature shelves for smaller
products such as shoes, toys, books and more. The concept centers around a sheet of paper which had somehow been blown up the wall by a gust of wind. The shelves would easily work with or without the stack of paper and configuration shown. It would be interesting to come up with other configurations or patterns and work around fixtures and store layouts to utilize the shelves to feature products.


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