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Don’t Abandon In-Store Marketing; Store Fixtures Are Persuading Consumers To Purchase

As a manufacturer of store fixtures, we here at TRIAD got a kick out of POPAI’s 2014 Mass Merchant Study. According to the study, 82 percent of mass merchant purchases are the result of in-store decisions. That’s great news for us, but it’s also great news for bricks-and-mortar retailers. In-store design and displays are persuading consumers to purchase.


Last week we wrote about using a store’s interior design as a marketing tool and this week we’re taking it a step further. It’s no secret that the purchasing behaviors of consumers are rapidly changing. As technology advances, the shopping experience of consumers moves further and further away from the ways of the past. Naturally, brands are spending more money on online marketing, and in-store marketing is beginning to seem less valuable. It’s easy to see why but the reality is that in-store is not dead. The findings of POPAI suggest that not only is in-store marketing valuable – it’s a must.


From POPAI's 2014 Mass Merchant Study Media Report

Lure them in, and keep them there

A well-designed store has a far better chance of getting customers to come in and browse than stores that are designed poorly. But then what? There are always going to be consumers who know exactly what they want and are not going to change their minds not matter how hard marketers try. But what about those who have not made up their minds? It turns out that these consumers are very pliable and can be influenced to purchase a product, right then-and-there.



From POPAI's 2014 Mass Merchant Study Media Report

Michelle Adams, POPAI’s co-vice chair and research committee’s co-chair says that, “we are seeing a much more open-minded shopper in the mass-merchant channel…They are coming into the store without a shopping list (34 percent in 2014 versus 13 percent in 2012) and using less time using pre-store media to plan.“

These are prime targets for retail designers. Using interesting and functional store fixtures coupled with lighting that creates an inviting space, creates a space for these consumers to want to spend time and browse. That’s exactly what a store wants. The longer the customer stays, the more time the store and display’s have to work their magic.


Spark their curiosity

A well-designed store is great for getting consumers in the door, a well designed fixture is great for getting the sale. POPAI fitted 200 shoppers with eye-tracking devices to help understand shopping patterns. With this, POPAI found that about 16 percent of unplanned are influenced by product observed on a display. If a fixture, or in-store media installment can capture the attention of the unplanned, undecided portion of consumers, there is a great chance of closing on a sale.

A fixture can actually determine what products are purchased – talk about ROI!

For some examples of cool and innovative fixtures, check out our work.


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