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FAQ: The Questions We’re Always Answering


Just like any other product, or service provider, the sales team here at TRIAD tends to answer a lot of the same questions over, and over again (cue the 2004 hit by Nelly and Tim McGraw). We decided to put all of the answers to all of those questions in one, incredibly helpful blog post for the world to see. Here are the answers to the questions we’re often¬†asked:


How quickly can you provide detailed drawings for my projects?

Quick black and white hand sketches can be prepared in 20-30 minutes, per fixture. Adding color will add around 15 minutes per fixture.

The next stage of development is scaled black and white and 3D renderings of the approved hand sketches and this takes 1-3 days.


Do you manufacture on site, or do you sub-contract your manufacturing?

With 1.2million square feet at TRIAD’s main manufacturing facility in St. Louis, we produce quality wood, metal and combination materials for customers daily.

With smaller fixture quantities, we will sometimes partner with a smaller and trusted third-party supplier for the actual production, though the rest of the job goes through us here at HQ. This work goes through our new division, TRIAD Too.

TRIAD has fixture partners in both China and Brasil, that we use for specific customers and to reduce costs, but extends the manufacturing lead-times considerably.


Does TRIAD provide Value Engineering?

Yes. TRIAD can work with basic fixture needs and information, and turn raw ideas into innovative store fixtures.

  • TRIAD will evaluate the actual merchandise that the display will accept and determine the best size and scale.
  • TRIAD will ask for desired quantity of units, a schedule to in-store delivery, what type of consumer is the end-user, and if there is any estimated budget already planned and being discussed.
  • TRIAD will value-engineer the fixture with regards to materials, material yields, flexibility (hardware package, signholders), mobility (casters), and planned life span for use.
  • If the fixture requires added graphics and signage, TRIAD can deliver and apply required signage and graphics as necessary, by way of a third-party partner.


Do you have space for warehousing?

Yep! 450,000 square feet of it.


Does TRIAD do installations?

Yes. TRIAD has a Manager of Installations that handles the installation of anything TRIAD builds. Any sized fixture. Any sized project.


What materials can you incorporate?

We manufacture both wood and metal, all under the same roof. We have the ability to incorporate multiple materials in the same fixture as well. Head over to our capabilities to learn more.


Do you produce prototypes?

We can produce free prototypes!


Who will we work with throughout the process?

TRIAD prides itself on providing outstanding customer service. We dedicate personnel (customer service, engineering, shipping… etc) to each major account to ensure that you’re working with the same team on each, and every, project.


Do you have more questions for us? ¬†Let us know and we’ll add them here!

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