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Spaces or buildings with major themes

Some businesses feel that the office interiors, and even exteriors should be themed in something humorous and FUN!   Some are extremely serious and somewhat lacking in personality.  Both suffice to contain employees in a defined work period and allow these same persons to get the job required completed.  Or offer support to a specific brand image.

However, there are ‘OF COURSE’ mixed emotions on both approaches.  Afterall, we all have our own opinions about everything in life!   This will never change!

I came across yet another interesting and thought provoking short article from Dezeen speaking to this topic.   See it by clicking here.

My personal opinion is that both simple and controlled or more creatively themed interiors work as long as the employees can focus on their job!

Accountants may prefer simple and understated.   Creative types, well they may want crazy and chaotic, or themed completely the opposite of the accountant.  But some accountants may be the opposite and like something different, as a designer may desire controlled and simple……it all works! OPTIONS!

My only opinion is that whatever the design direction, it all gets tired after a while and needs a healthy update!   That may mean employees decorate or enhance their personal workplaces and the overall is left alone, or the entire space changes!

Sam Jacob on the "tyranny of fun" in office design

Obviously one of those topics that few will agree on just one direction, so let it be just that!  Both work! It ALL works!

This example is obviously a bit out of the ordinary but makes someone or someones happy.  Not everybody could work in an old church to start with.

Keep in mind that many creative or contemporary companies use such interiors, like above, as Marketing Tools and conversation pieces.

The same applies to retail interiors for brands.  Thus the reason Triad makes a very wide variety of custom display fixtures and not all the same item for our customers.

What is your opinion?

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