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Three Ways A Store Fixture Can Impact Your Store



On the surface, store fixtures don’t really seem all that special (well, depending on the material). A store fixture is just that, a fixture in a store that is used to display the important stuff, the product. But store fixtures are much more than that. A store fixture has a very impactful role in a store. It can push or pull consumers away, elevate or hinder a brand image, and so on. We here at TRIAD know how important a quality store fixture can impact your brand, and we think you should too. We could go on for days but here’s three ways in which store fixtures can impact your brand.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (well, we are a store fixture manufacturer,) a store’s design has a huge impact on customer traffic. Consumers are drawn to stores that look fun and unique. But in order for this to be helpful to you, the retailer, you have to give the consumer a reason to come inside. You can put your latest and greatest product at the store entrance to catch the attention of those opinion leaders and early adopters, and that could be enough. But placing those products on an intriguing custom display can really impact your traffic numbers. Did you know that the material and quality of a display could elevate or depreciate the perceived value of the product it is presenting? Utilizing a high-end, custom store fixture to present your most popular products and placing them near the stores entrance will draw the consumer in and force them to enter the store to purchase the sought after product; Opening doors to capture them with more interesting displays, and more popular products.



Two words: Quality Control, something that should extend passed your product.  Although they are very effective, store fixtures can be heavy and quite dangerous if not done correctly. Maintaining quality control when it comes to store fixtures is a must when it comes to a successful retailer. The best way to prevent this is to utilize a high-end, quality fixture manufacturer. Failing to purchase high-quality store fixtures can result in damaged merchandise and even injury to an employee or customer. This then leads to lawsuits and court costs that no retailer wants to think about. Purchasing quality fixtures for your store is a great way to prevent these types of negligence cases. As with anything, these fixtures must be maintained and checked throughout their use to ensure that the fixtures are in good shape and in need of no repairs.



For many shoppers, shopping isn’t just about purchasing new products; it’s about the experience. Consumers love the thrill of finding the best deals, and trying on trendy swimsuits with their best friends. So what does this have to do with store fixtures? Store fixtures are a great way to enhance the customer experience. If you can create a unique environment in which the consumer can do those things that they love about shopping, they will want to come back again. Think electronic stores: we’ve all gone and marveled at the new TV’s and sat down in the provided recliner to take in the awesomeness the product had to offer. If you can fill a store with these unique experiences that consumers want, they will come back every time they are nearby just to experience the new displays. The possibilities to do so are endless with custom store fixtures; you just need to think outside of the box.


A store fixture is a staple of every store (okay, most), and that’s the best part. Choosing store fixtures to fill your store and present your merchandise is not something extra to add to your work load, it will have to be done no matter what. So the next time you are choosing fixtures or displays for a store, don’t be afraid to do something bold. Don’t be afraid to make a statement, because making a statement can be the change that drives your store’s traffic through the roof.

You can head on over to Our Work if you need some ideas on the type of fixtures we’re talking about.

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