At TRIAD, everything we do is custom for you and your brand.

Our 1 million square foot centrally-located manufacturing facility; our wood, metal, and solid surface shops under one roof; our commitment to quality, timeliness, the environment, and to YOU; our turnkey program management; and our exceptional customer service may be standard here at TRIAD, but the fixtures and store environments we produce for you are anything but.

We have been creating custom fixtures and store environments for many of the top companies in the world for almost 25 years. Our state of the art equipment and hundreds of skilled craftsmen allow us to handle projects of any type and size. You don’t need multiple vendors, because we can do it all – better, faster, and cheaper. We also have corporate offices in China which allow us to have our own employees overseeing the quality assurance process every day, giving you peace of mind.

What other fixture manufacturer can say the same?

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