International Operations

With a facility in China, TRIAD is uniquely able to successfully manage all aspects of overseas production.  Overseas production is a mirror-image of our domestic production, only the fixtures are produced overseas and shipped in.  Lead time is slightly longer with international production, though there may be a significant cost-savings involved in major rollouts.

– Located in China with a corporate quality control executive.
– Material matching simplified and streamlined.
– SA8000 certified.
– ISO 9002 certified.
– CARB-approved materials.
– Custom metal and wood fixtures at a reduced price.

How We Do It:
– Everything engineered in St Louis.
– Weekly teleconference meetings to review drawings, samples,  schedules, quality, etc.
– First units (prototypes) built in St Louis and sent overseas for  use as control samples.
– On-site inspections performed on a regular basis.
– Final production distributed from St Louis or the West Coast.



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